Argentina celebrates 200 years of independence | Buenos Aires

Argentina celebrates 200 years of independence

The 8th, 9th and 10th July we are cellebrating the “Bicentennial of Independence 2016” in different places of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country with live shows, exhibitions and more. A few blocks from Play Hostel, at the Planetarium, will be one of 3 “Bicentennial Patios” deployed in the city.


“Patios del Bicentenario”

Day: July 9.

Hours: 15:30 to 20:30.

Location: Planetarium: Av Av Sarmiento and Belisario Roldán.

Installing Bicentennial courtyards and allusive decoration at Planetarium.
From 15:30 hs with the participation of artists, local bands and family activities. Featured artists: Chango Spasiuk, Las Hermanas Vera, Los Hermanos Nuñez and Emilio López present “Tradition Chamame” and Fernando Ruiz Diaz will play the National Anthem (Piedrabuena), La Bomba de TIempo, King Coya and Hilda Lizarazu (Planetarium). Onda Vaga, Nestor Garnica and Diego Frenkel who will play the national anthem (Parque Chacabuco). In Piedrabuena the inauguration of the Bicentennial Mural by muralists Piedrabuenarte be carried out; They also have the participation of “Flavours and Knowledge Without Borders”, a group of women cooks of the most vulnerable areas of the city that elaborate recipes with cultural flavor. An initiative that invites neighbors to bring their food to share a moment of meeting and celebration of the country with his family, friends and neighbors.

Here you have the link to the Buenos Aires official website so you don´t miss any events and enjoy the most of  Bicentennial Party in Buenos Aires.

Bicentennial Activities in Buenos Aires